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Just Got High You know what I just did 😳 Smoke a bowl and check out our daily posts http://TommyChongVape.com/
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Sign me up for a purple one 😂

How long would it take you to finish it??👇

In the comments! READY GO. . . . . .

For real 😳

Happy Mothers Day 😎

Hahahahaha 😂

Dabs are the future. 🙃😂

Smoke weed and get rich, DUH

When people ask me if I need a drink 😂

"But the terrrps bro" 😂 Tag that one guy who doesn't know how to take a proper dab

🔹In love 😍💚💨🔹 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Credits to: @lifteddladies

Tag the person who always says shit like this 😂

What are you doing for Cinco de Mayo?

24k gold papers dipped in purple kief 😍

Every time I take a dab 😂

Me right now 😂

Finally got to try out one of Tommy Chong's pre-rolls!! @tommychongvape

Fuck you Monday

Gazing into higher heights

I had a little bud plant in the womb with me 😂