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Even though Peacock sightings were in plenty on my last visit to Yala National Park, i did not have the luck to see what I came to photograph, a Leopard in the wild. Maybe this time...!

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Spread love and kindness. 🌏💚 #prayformanchester #prayforthosewhosuffereveryday

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What did the Asian say?! That peace of mind. That's what the Asian said I needed to find. Divine Intervention was his religion and I was surprised. Him believing in Buddha, me believin in God. Asked him what are you doin, he said "Taking my time. Meditation is a must, it don't hurt if you try...See you thinking too much, plus you're too full of yourself, worried bout your career, you ever think of your health?" • I'm traveling around China right now with my sister after her semester studying abroad in Beijing. So far, Chengdu has been my favorite city. This beautiful place is so relaxed and blissful. I know that I will take this mindset and speed of life back home with me. Today we visited the Leshan Big Buddha. Leshan means happy mountain in Chinese. The massive work of art is 30 meters tall and took just over 90 years to carve into the side of the mountain. • For the last few months, I have been working 60 hours a week at two jobs to save money, commuting a combined 4 hours a day, sleeping only 5 hours a night and am using all my saved up vacation days from the last two years for this trip. I truly have been grinding at work and not thinking about my health but it is paying off now. I still have another 12 days before I have to come back to reality. Today am I feeling so lucky to be able to visit such a unique little town, experiencing a culture so very different from my own and spending my time at a peaceful pace.

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Each room within the @ngvmelbourne is carefully curated and representative of its contents. Some spaces depict tombs, others churches. This photography exhibition feels a little basementy... but very engaging.

Employability day at uni. Nice to get an extra day off placement 😉 hopefully it will be short and sweet. Loving my new jumper and can't believe how long my hair is getting!! #uni #employability #selfie #brunette #style #ootd #bangs #longhair #cateye #grey #photojournal #photodiary #instamood #instadiary #instadaily

All good roads lead to the ocean ... 🌏🚗⛵✈🌊 All my cells are filled with love & light 🙏💙🌊💦💫 A quick trip to to the beach always leaves me feeling better than when i arrived 💕 . . . . . .


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An Evolution, art by Gao Xiaowu.. A structural depiction of a shark transformed itself to an ornamental goldfish illustrates the human tendency to work against nature. A rebirth and metamorphosis, an artificial transformation of society through industrialization and technology.. #evolution #art #sculpture #gaoxiaowu #rebirth #metamorphosis #change #creativity #photographydaily #iphoneography #photojournal #artinchangi #wheninSG

Colorful Lives - so blown away by the rad lines , and artistic talents , on display in the Streets of Guatemala City #photojournal #capitalcity #lines #architecture #streetscene #deco #midcentury #concrete #rainyseason