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How good was Kick-Ass? Such a refreshing movie in the superhero scene. Do you remember the scene when she says this quote? --- Must follow 🎥 - @MovieFacts 🤓 - @GeekFacts 🤔 - @GeekQuote 😎 - @GeekFeedDotCom

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NEW! ✨ Elizabeth at #ToryBurch Regents Street Store Launch in London, May 22d 🌸 I absolutely ADORE this floral dress 💘 ••• #ElizabethOlsen #Olsenators

I saw these & HAD to get them. please tag aaron and sam maybe he'll see ❤❤ @aarontaylorjohnson #Aarontaylorjohnson @samtaylorjohnson

I LOST 2 FOLLOWERS COME BACK #aarontaylorjohnson

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With the news of a Resident Evil reboot, these actors I feel would be perfect for the roles. Chris Evans as Chris Redfield Lauren Cohan as Jill Valentine Michael Fasanbender as Albert Wesker John Krasinski as Barry Burton Hailee Steinfield as Rebacca Chambers Aaron Taylor Johnson as Leon S. Kennedy Diego Luna as Carlos Olivera Alicia Vikander as Claire Redfield Zoe Saldana as Sheva Tao Okamato as Ada Wong #chrisevans #laurencohan #michaelfassanbender #johnkrasinski #haileesteinfeld #aarontaylorjohnson #diegoluna #aliciavikander #residentevil #videogames #videogame #fancast #geekcastingcentral

georgia nicolson: certified meme ac seraph.ic cc etheralia_ dt hannah my name twin @daddyrhee double post bc why not?? #omgpage #daddygrp #royaltygrp

Maximoffs + crack!dialogue // QOTD below ⠀ Ok but I seriously wonder what Pietro would think about Wanda and Vision being a thing now. 🤔 ⠀ I have 2 more exams before I'm finally done with them AND school. ⠀ Kickboxing again today and horseback riding tomorrow (if the ground isn't too wet). I'm still really sore from last week though. 😅 ⠀ QOTD - Wanda or Pietro? AOTD - I really love them both, but Wanda by like 0.00000001% because her personality is more similar to mine tbh. ❤️ ⠀

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's edit ─dynasty i basically added clips that i had of the two in aou so ye

{Nocturnal Animals, 2016} 🎬 The ending of this movie was so twisted, I had to watch it 3-4 times to get what had really happened (pardon me I'm a little slow). What are your thoughts on this movie? 📍 . . . . . #AmyAdams #JakeGyllenhaal #MichaelShannon #AaronTaylorJohnson #IslaFisher #ArmieHammer #LauraLinney #AndreaRiseborough #MichaelSheen #TomFord #AustinWright #TonyandSusan #NocturnalAnimals #neonoir #PsychologicalThriller #followforfollow #followtrain #gaintrain #tagsforlikes #like4like #commentforcomment #spamforspam #recentforrecent

is going to do maths now.. ★ I found some really funny pictures of those actors. And the one of Karen in this edit is one😂 that's like me on every picture in my whole life. But anyway... this is freshly made for you. 3 minutes old😏 hope you have your fun with that. ★ Question: Favorit actor? ★ Comment '🐾' to be tagged in this post. Comment '📜' to be tagged in the next post! ★ Fc: 3'817 ★ Emoji of the day: 🍍 ★ Remus: Andrew Garfield James: Aaron Taylor-Johnson Sirius: Ben Barnes Peter: Gregoire Leprince Ringuet Lily: Karen Gillan Snape: Louis Garrel ★ © all pics found on the internet! I own nothing, I just repost them. But the edits are mine. Please give credit! I got the idea for the edits by @aintamuggle