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Join @greengatehealth for a Cannabis Women’s Retreat with the gorgeous Colorado wilderness as the backdrop to a healing long weekend of sisterhood, practicing plant spirit medicine, and unlocking the power of nature. We will be taking the backroads to a secret sacred place cradled by the national forest and snowcapped mountains just outside of Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We will be tent camping or bring a buddy and split a queen bed in our glamping teepees. We will wake up by the sun and dance under the moon, submerging ourselves in the elements. Our weekend will be full of restorative practices that have been lost over the centuries. Gathering in circle we will honor this master plant and connect with our divine feminine, heal century old wounds and patriarchy that have broken and subdued our wild women spirits. We will practice Ganja Yoga and perform a Cannabis Plant Ceremony with Rachael Carlevale of @ganjasana We will adventure, we will practice self-care and “get high” on a spiritual level. We will learn the siren’s song and regain our confidence, our authentic self. We will rise like Phoenixes from the fire. Are you a ganja goddess, marijuana mermaid, or a cannabis queen? For more information go to #cannabis #health #marijuana #wellness #yoga #plantbased #thetraveljoint

Congrats to the Concentrates winners of the #okanagancannabiscup! #TeamRoottie had a blast getting to know everyone! 😎💣💥 @Regrann from @okanagancannabis - This was one of the tightest categories. Everyone brought 🔥 to the #okanagancannabiscup. The scoring was so close that only fractions of a point separated all the contestants. This year's crown goes to 🥇 @thevenomextracts710 - DANCEHALL🥈 @seven_star_online - GOD GREEN CRACK BUDDER🥉 @pura_vida_cannabis_solutions_ TROPIC THUNDER! . @d420k was so close to placing in the top 3 after winning in last year's Concentrates Cup. Give it up for @tru_solventless as well for bringing some killer strains! #concentrates #dabs #okanagancannabis #occ17 - #regrann

Were crafting our first webinar for the #Marijuana Industry. - What issues are you facing today, what's preventing you from moving forward, keeping the ball rolling? Design Thinking is the solution, it prevents businesses and organaziations from sticking to an old school "gray hair ceo" business models. The design industry is rapidly growing and companies who are short of inplementing the techniques be the short commers to their goals. AKA left behind. _______________ ☠♾❤🎯🔥🚀 _______________ #designlab #webinar #designworkshop #freecall #startup #growers #entrepreneurs #bloggers #marijuanaindustry #creatives #designthinking #intuitivesociety


Add Ohio Supreme Court Justice William O’Neill to the list. In a recent speech, the enlightened judge said cannabis should be legalized and all non-violent cannabis offenders should be released from jail. . “The time has come for new thinking,” O’Neill said. “We regulate and tax alcohol and tobacco and imprison people for smoking grass.” . O’Neill says legalization and prisoner release would generate $350 million that would be used to treat drug addiction instead of criminalizing it, as well as create a mental health network to combat addiction. . “Treat addiction like the disease it is in the name of compassion,” he said. . O’Neill is pondering a run for Ohio governor, but won’t make a decision until the end of the year. Even if he doesn’t run, his remarks inject some much-needed substance into the race, and should spur the candidates to put their positions on the record. . Ohio legalized medical pot in Sept. 2016, although legal sales won’t bregrannr at least a year. Ohio will have dispensaries and cultivation centers to provide medical products for a host of qualifying conditions. . O’Neill’s call to legalize all cannabis use, like alcohol and tobacco, and release non-violent cannabis “offenders” is a natural progression in rational thought. As far as drugs go, we know that alcohol and tobacco use kills hundreds of thousands of people every year, while no one has ever been known to die from the use of cannabis. . How can the State logically defend the legal status of more dangerous drugs (with little to no medical benefit) while a harmless, medically beneficial one is illegal? If there is no rational basis, and cannabis was completely legalized, then it follows that there is no rational basis for holding non-violent users and sellers of a natural plant in jail. . . #Cannabis #Marijuana #MarijuanaLegalization #LegalizeIt #pot #DrugWar #EndTheDrugWar #cannabiscommunity #medicalmarijuana | Via @chididdy26