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. . . . . @Wizkhalifa spitting good freestyle for the Taylors! 🎤🎶 . . . . . #wizkhalifa #TaylorGang #tgod #freestyle #rapper #goodboy #repost

Let's just take a second to picture this clearly, forget the news reports. (if it is a bombing why was the bomb only created to shatter underneath the MEN and not big enough to wipe the MEN, was it a threat? Or was it a warning? Is it connected with the parliament/elections.) It's just very strange how media are quickly to use terrorism as propaganda(BBC/ITV) Now just a little conspiracy for you guys. I've quickly thought, Ariana Grande as one of the biggest following on Instagram and other social networks,(dangerous woman) inside her bio. Why not upload to Instagram your apologies sincerely Ariana Grande. According to reports she left the country last night. It's all a distraction to something much bigger, hence why they've not targeted anybody in particular. They said they've suspected a person connected to the "terror" but really is it ? I mean the police did the same routine in Trafford centre the same that they did last night in M.E.N was they prepared for this already? IF SO why let 19 die. And not the whole crowd(sounds cruel) but that's what real terrorism is, like what real terror that's happening in Syria where buildings and small towns/villages are getting blown to pieces and 1000s dead not 19. ☠️👀

last weekend was dope i met the young legend @wizkhalifa #wizkhalifa #taylorgang #mistercap #tgod #rollup #younglegend

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tfw your friends are above par at life. thx for making this for me - anyone needs custom jewellery work done hit the ombré #tgod tag @wizkhalifa he's gotta see this

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Did you still remember tanjung pinang?😂😍 @bastiansteel #cheeseburger #tgod